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A01 • surfer@idv

A01 • surfer@idv

  • NO.: A01
  • Brand: molder
  • Quantity: 30 Set
  • $ 29.4 USD
  • Goods click count: 1233
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molder Code A01
Description Surfer@idv
Head Shape globe
Body Color Dark Brown
Figure Height(with Head Deco.) 163mm
Packing Size 101 x 65 x 255mm
Weight(Product with Packing) 226g
Parts Hand 1.0 = 1 Pair; Windsurfing board = 1 pc
Personality It is born in the summer always love to Windsurfing metaphor of life, rugged encounter difficulties as we want to be like the one a storm Surfers break.
Birth (YYYY-MM-DD) 2005-06-15
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