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Register member
Zindart 2013-05-15
Registered Member Shopping (to entitled to a discount)

2.01 Click "Register " on the upper right corner of the page before you shopping, then enter the member registration page .
(Open Drawings 01)

2.02 Please fill in your personal information , then  click "submit" button for registration.
(Open Drawings 02)


The page will then jump into Welcome page of the membership account , please verify the current email address and click
‘email add verification’
button, a confirmation message will send to your email address accordingly
( Upon confirmation, you can enjoy 98% discount ) :-

2.03a verified account will no more showing ‘email add verification’ button.
(Open Drawings 03)

2.03b and then log in to your registered email address , you will receive a "email verification" certified mail, please click on
the e-mail attached hyperlink URL for further confirmation.

(Open Drawings 04)


Completed the registration and verification messages, customers can carry on shopping...


pull down ‘combobox’ on the up right corner.


select the currency.


choose the products - just click on the " add to cart" button to add the product into your shopping cart.
(Open Drawings 05)


Page will immediately jump into the shopping cart page , in the shopping cart page where you can carry out the following: -
2.05a. you can use the " + " or " - " symbol to modify the quantity of each product
2.05b. press the " Delete " words to decide whether to buy or not to buy the product
2.05c. click the bottom left corner of the page "continue shopping" button to continue shopping
2.05d. click the bottom right corner of the page , " cashier " button to checkout
(Open Drawings 06)

When checkout...
2.06a Click on the lower right corner of the "cashier " button to checkout

the page will immediately jump " Fill in the information , for " the consignee information page; then either :-


As a member login to ‘zindart.net’ then fill up the consignee information


Register (login) to a new member (enjoy further discount)


No registration, just shop as non-member and fill in consignee information, click on the delivery address
(Open Drawings 07)


While finished filling up the information as required, please click the "submit" button to complete your order.
2.07a Please click “modify” on the up right corner to make the changes of purchase items when needed, return to
the previous modification.
2.07b Please click “modify” on the up right corner to make the changes of the consignee delivery address.
2.07c Choose the shipping method (please note there are extra charges involved for different method of shipping).
2.07d Choose payment method (please note that the payment options will lead to a different extra charge).
(Open Drawings 08)

Click "Submit " button to complete order, where you will see the message for "Order has been submitted successfully ",
please kindly note the information of below :-

2.08a. Please note the order number assigned and please mark/print the page for follow-up purposes in future
2.08b. For your own benefit, please kindly notify us when the payment is done.
2.08c.  If you are using PayPal payment, please click the "PayPal" button to checkout.
(Open Drawings 09)
(Enter the PayPal checkout page)

If you have any questions or order inquiries, please contact us

Whatsapp: (852) 5403 9275
Email: cs@molderworkshop.com
Phone: (852) 54039275
Fax: (852) 81488191