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Zindart 2013-05-08
Non-member shopping (no discounts)

1.01 Enter homepage then pull down the proper currency in the upper right corner.
(Open Drawings 01)

1.02 Please select the item(s) and hit "add to cart " orange button to add the item(s) as shown into your shopping cart.
(Open Drawings 02)

Hit the ‘add to cart’ orange button, the page will immediately jump into the shopping cart page, customers can carry
out the followings:
1.03a Adjust the quantity using "+" or " - " symbol to modify the quantity of each item
1.03b Remove the item(s), press the "Delete" words not to buy the product
1.03c Hit the button on left corner "continue shopping’ back to the page to carry on shopping
1.03d Hit the "$ cashier" button on right down corner to checkout once finished the selection.
(Open Drawings 03)

Hit ‘$ cashier’, the page will immediately jump "Login" page, you can
1.04a Login or
1.04b Purchase as non-member then hit the "I don’t plan to login’ button; just to direct purchase this time.
(Open Drawings 04)

1.05 Fill in the consignee information, and then hit on the "shipping account" button.
(Open Drawings 05)

“Fill in the information"  then hit "submit" button to complete your order.
1.06a Checking the purchased the product(s) contents, if you want to make changes hit on the upright "modify", return to the
previous page then make the modification.
1.06b check the consignee information, if you want to modify the information hit on the upright "modify", return to the previous
page then make the modification.
1.06c choose the shipping method (please note there are extra charges involved for different method of shipping).
1.06d Choose payment method (please note that the payment options will lead to a different extra charges).
(Open Drawings 06)

Click "submit order" button, order then completed, message of  "Order has been submitted successfully " will show and
please note:
1.07a The PO numbers are issued and please mark/print the page for follow-up purposes
1.07b According to the contents of the page then proceed payment, please notify us once payment has made.
1.07c If you are using PayPal payment, please hit the "PayPal" button to proceed the payment accordingly.
(Open Drawings 07)
(Enter the PayPal checkout page)

1.08 If you have any questions or order inquiries, customers can contact us
Whatsapp: (852) 5403 9275
Email: cs@molderworkshop.com
Phone: (852) 54039275
Fax: (852) 81488191